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Greenify Tutorial

By Michael Lacoursiere May 29, 2018 0 comments

This will show you how to use the Greenify app to save your battery life on Android devices. If you don't know, Greenify will put your other apps into hibernation, it will save your battery life and free up memory on your device.

  This is how you are able to get more battery life on your Android by using Greenify:

1.) Download and then install the Greenify app from the GooglePlay Store.

2.) Open up Greenify once its installed, and the select apps to put in hibernation.

3.) Simply tap “+” to add your apps that you want in hibernation.

4.) Scroll down and then select “Show More Apps”, and then select all apps to go into hibernation.

5.) Press and hold the app. Once you have the app highlighted, then select the other apps. Once you have selected all the apps, simply click the mark icon to place these apps into hibernation.

6.) Trigger the Manual Hibernation for all Pending Apps.

7.) You should now be able to see a short list of apps that are pending for manual hibernation. Select these apps and then click the “Zzz” to begin hibernation. Simply wait for a few seconds and the process will be complete.  

That is all you need to do. All of your apps are now in hibernation mode. This app will remain asleep until you manually launch it. Greenify will prevent these apps from draining your battery, memory bloating, and auto-restarting the apps from preventing your Android from its best performance. Now you can have improved battery life and be sure to share this app with your friends. 

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